Friday, January 2, 2009

My own personal tornado

We fit right in here in Kansas.

My mom says that if it entertains him for longer than it takes to clean it up, it's worth the mess. I agree.


Lonna said...

Well said. I think that is so funny to see the damage that he did and then he is this little thing up in the corner. Listen if you think that one can make a mess...well maybe you better think long and hard about #2.

Except for when you have two they play together and it is so much fun to watch that. I think that Ethan is so darling, you made a really great kid.

rik said...

i just love that philosophy of your mom's...very well put. i'm going to have to think of that one more often.

adorable little guy you've got there, lauren (and ross, too) =]

Syl said...

He is SO cute. I love seeing him grow up!