Thursday, January 22, 2009

Britany and Dan

So aren't these two the cutest ever! I love how protective Dan is of Britany. He takes good care of her. It was lots of fun to shoot these guys, even though I've stil got a lot to learn!

And I recently discovered Poladroid. It's free, and it's sweet! There is even a whole flickr group dedicated to it. Drag and drop your pictures and they become polaroids.

P.S. Some people are kind of against this-- they say these kind of things are the reason Polaroid film is no longer made. This I do not know. I just think it's something fun to do.


Britany said...

HAHA!! I love the sitting one. We are so weird!

Kathleen said...

Pretty! You're so good Lauren!

Katie Curtis said...

Love the pictures! I like the one of Brit and Dan against the brick wall holding each other! Picnik is another site I use to edit pictures!

Kate Hawkins said...

Love the pictures!

Lauren, how much does it cost to have a couples pictures?

Thanks for the info! :)

Amanda said...

Those pictures look so good! I didn't realize you were such a talented photographer. Those polaroid pictures are pretty neat too.