Saturday, January 17, 2009

For posterity. Christmas: Final Installment.

I just had to get these on here. To document!

Ethan had lots of fun with friends and family:

Ross was punk'd by his Momma:

They were happy because they succeeded:

One of the few pictures of me, Ethan is eating his new shirt:

Ross wrote me a sweet note and gave presents along with it,
since we'll be apart a lot for the next couple of months:

Ethan was really tuckered out by 9:30 Christmas morning:

Ethan received some fun presents:

And it seems helicopters were the theme this Christmas:

And so. My first tax season as an accountant widow has begun. Ross will be spending his time in Kansas City working, and I'll be going back and forth. I guess he'll be working 70+ hours a week, so it doesn't do me much good to go over and join him anyway. I'll try REALLY hard not to sound too melancholy! This is good. He needs this experience. He does. Grumble. Grumble.


Mikel said...

Those red sneaks are killer!

Kathleen said...

You should probably just come and live with me in Houston when Phil leaves me for Africa. just sayin.

Lonna said...

I really just love that little face of Ethan's he is so darling. It looks like it was a fun Christmas. Kudos and extra points for the notes in the presents, that is so cute.

You will make it through the next few months, it will be hard, but you can do it. Our friend had her husband in another country for the entire summer for an internship and she had two little girls. It was tough for her, but she talked to him each night and pretty soon the summer was over. It will go by quickly. You are a brave girl.

Tannie said...

You can do it! Just hope for a future in industry! This is Dan's first year working industry and his busy season just ended last week! Now since I am used to him being gone until June or July, I am not sure what to do. I guess enjoy it! So hang in there and know that all the hard work pays off!