Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hoo boy! It's been pretty boring around here! Ethan decided to give up his afternoon nap this week. He now has two extra hours in his day that he spends with his mom. I'm pretty sure he's bored with me, since his daddy isn't here to divert his attention after 5. It's just me. Only one more day though! Ross is done tomorrow. And then we're gonna PAR-TAY!

Ethan and I have been having some fun though. It's his favorite game:

And then we were playing with his blocks in his bedroom and there was lots of light coming in from my room so I got out my camera. This was one of those pictures where he started to attack me so I held it out, closed my eyes, and clicked. It's more flare than baby but I still like it.

Oh and I do have some more stuff to post. So stay tuned! Ha ha.

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Lonna said...

Oh that is one of the favorite games around here too, but his laugh is so darling. I love the attempt at the getaway, but he still turns to check and see if you are right there. So cute.

I am sorry about the lack of nap, just when you are feeling like you need it most. I hope that you are feeling good, it looks like you are still holding up well, and what a fun sidekick you have to keep you company.

Congrats on having Ross come home. What a treat for you and Ethan.