Monday, January 11, 2010

First things first: the good, the bad, and the ugly

As happens over the holidays, I am quite behind in blogging. Not that I'm ever up to date. But I'm going to post some things I don't want to forget. Like Leah's blessing.

The good: Her blessing was beautifully given by her father, and many family members were able to participate. She wore the same hand-sewn (by my mother) dress that I wore for my blessing.

The bad: Unfortunately, she had a very sick brother who looked like this:

(the ugly. is that mean?)

you can see it better in this picture

And my mother-in-law stayed at our apartment with him. Thanks Rhonda!

We referred to him as two-face. We thought it was the chicken pox or something similar, but turned out not to be. The doctor's never could figure out what it was. It was so weird how it was only on one side of his face, and it never got anywhere else. He was completely miserable. Poor little guy. Glad he is over that one. Although his face is still kind of red and splotchy.


Amanda said...

First of all, I love that blessing dress. Your little girl is really cute.
I was struck in this post by how young Ethan is! You really do have your hands full, don't you. Poor little guy - I hope his face gets better quickly. I wonder if it was some sort of allergy. Maybe he rubbed the side of his face up against something.

Lonna said...

Oh my stars, poor little thing. I am glad that he has recovered from it though. Bummer that it happened on Leah's blessing weekend.

Happy to hear that the blessing went well and that she was not effected by the "two face" rash.
I really like the dress that she/you wore, it is perfect, and what a treat that it fit so well. So cute.