Monday, May 17, 2010

Phase 1: Remove wallpaper

We've been busy at work trying to get our house ready for us to move in. We have successfully removed all of the wall paper in the entire house. So we thought. I just saw a couple days ago that there is still one more border in the bathroom. Nooo!! It just keeps coming!!

It actually wasn't too bad. We had a little help from Ross' brother and family. But the kitchen was the worst. It came off in one inch little pieces. Ross did that one solo. He is such a hard worker!

Ross has now returned from over a week long trip to CA for some training. My mom came to stay with me for a couple of days while he was gone and we got a lot of painting done. My lovely sister-in-law watched the kids for a day while we went to town on those walls. Man, choosing paint colors is not easy. I thought it was, and I'm not a perfectionist, but now that it's MY house and I have to live with it for quite a while, it's important that I REALLY like it. And I do. I don't have pictures of the rooms painted yet.

Master bedroom: lovely purple with floral wallpaper

2nd bedroom: blue and green plaid with duck border

Hallway: vinyl stripey. (that one came of really easily)

Kitchen: removing old phone

Those names say Jennifer, 7-10-75, and Ashley 10-30-87


The Cunninghams said...

Good work! It looks like it will be really cute!

Kathleen said...

Aghhhh I helped my mom take down wallpaper once. It is not fun. That looks like a ton of wallpaper too! I applaud you!

You're going to make your house look adorable! I'm excited to see after pictures!

Lonna said...

I hate wall paper!! I am really impressed with you for taking it all down and doing such a nice job. We lived in a place that had 4 layers of wall paper in one room, I couldn't believe that the people would just cover up the last one time and time again it was not some of my best moments.

I am glad that you made it through that part. Painting will feel like a breeze now. Good luck.