Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grandpa Honey

My Grandpa passed away a couple of weeks ago, and I've been thinking a lot about him. The things that stick out most in my mind are these:

His love and talent for music. Both of my grandparents (come to think of it, on both sides) are very musically talented. They passed this on to their children, and my dad's love for music (as well as my mother's) was passed to me. It's always been very much a part of our family's life, and this is due in large part to my Grandpa Honey. (I didn't get the talent so much, just the love:))

His love for Geneology. He was quite on top of things and very internet savvy. I was always impressed by his no-fear attitude about technology that is somewhat atypical of his generation.

His sense of humor. Grandpa could always make me laugh. Even if it was at his cheesiness. Guess he passed that to my dad too! (Love you, dad!)

He helped my grandma raise 8 wonderful kids! Sheesh that's a lot of kids. All of their children are such great people, my grandparents taught them well.

I love and will miss Grandpa a lot. I am sure he is somewhere beautiful now.


nancy said...

That was nice, Lauren. In fact, it made me cry so THANKS A LOT :) It's nice knowing that my dad made an impact on his grandchildren too. Love to you and your adorable family.

The Cunninghams said...

That's so sweet Lauren. I miss my grandparents too.

joven said...

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Kate Hawkins said...

I have never known my grandfathers! You're lucky to at least get to know your Grandpa Honey. :)

Miss you and the fam!