Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Phase 2: Pulling my hair out because I'm so sick of painting

We have gotten a heck of a lot done over the last few weeks; I need to document! All of the rooms are now painted. That one little sentence does not seem to do justice to all the work that went into accomplishing it. It was a LOT of painting. Also, what people don't tell you, is that it's not the removing the wallpaper that is the tricky part, it's preparing the wall afterward. There were two places in the house where wall paper had been put straight onto the drywall. When we removed it, little bits of the drywall came off and of course lots of glue was left behind. So Ross had to skim-coat the entire wall with joint compound and then sand it and then we had to prime it, and then we could paint. It makes for a long process.

We had help from family and friends, and now all that is left is the trim and the doors. Painting trim is pretty annoying, and now I've run out of steam, so I hope I can get it done before the carpet is in. Ross and his dad have also

- Put new locks and bolts in all 3 doors
- Cleaned out the gutters
- Removed ceramic tile from the entryway (took ALL day)
- Ripped up all of the old carpet
- Removed the old banister and baseboards and
- Started installing the wood (bamboo) floors

It's looking SO GOOD! I'm so excited to be there permanently. This living in both places business isn't too fun. We're *hoping* that we can move in this weekend, but that depends on whether Ross can get the floors installed and whether our order for carpet has come in.

Yay for new houses!!

The living room. Ross is stepping on the tarp that
goes on under the floors, not the wood:

Before, with "schmaltzy" banister:

Ethan's room. I painted it a sagey grey green:

Master Bath. Hasn't been touched.
We'll just leave that door closed:

Master Bedroom. All painted except the darn trim.
I did start on the window I guess:

Sorry this is boring! That's all we got going on right now.


Whitney said...

Totally not boring...I love seeing before and afters...have you read the blog young house love? They are all about before and after...

Also, were those banisters just for show or are you now missing support for your roof?

Kathleen said...

It looks awesome so far! Yay!

Lauren said...

Haha, Whitney! Yes, we made sure those were not load-bearing banisters. :) And yeah, I really like the blog young house love. Lots of good ideas.

Lonna said...

I hope that you get in the floors and carpet so that you can just be living in one place. You have done an amazing job it looks so great, and fresh.

I was laughing about your master bath, there is a breaking point where one just can't do any more for a little while. Good luck with the trim, you will get there soon.

Britany said...

WOW! You guys are a busy pair. It's looking great! Good luck with the rest.

Becky said...

I LOVE the green in Ethan's room! That really is so much work. It will be so awesome when it is completely done!