Thursday, September 8, 2011

Road Trip: Day 3

I had my camera out pretty much ALL day this day; and therefore took the most amount of pictures. We were in Steamboat Springs, CO. It is such a beautiful little town! It had a really good feel to it. Clean, green, friendly, and WAY up in the mountains. Brandon was an excellent host and showed us some of his favorite places.  Starting with this charming restaurant where we were able to sit under umbrellas and next to a babbling stream.  Leah impressed all of the servers with her cool shades.

We went on a mini hike around the College where Brandon works.  Ethan was really excited about being up in the mountains.  Leah refused to stay on the path.  Brandon said that he had recently seen a bear in that area, so I was a little nervous.  It was a fun time.  I really miss mountains!

We also went to the Yampa River and let the kids get some aggression out.  
Throwing big rocks does the trick. 

Also, I will never trust Brandon with my children again.*

And then the last part of the day was a little walk to a waterfall.  It started to rain on us so we had to run from tree to tree to take cover.  Again, the mountains are so beautiful!

*Kidding of course; I hope it's obvious that that picture was photoshopped.


Joy said...

is it nieve or trusting that my mind didnt even think of something being photoshopped? wow. looks like a great time, sad we missed you in ut!

Emily Peterson said...

What beautiful pictures, and what a beautiful family! I'm glad you had a fun trip and that the kids did well. You'll have to share some tips!