Sunday, September 11, 2011

Road Trip: Days 4-6

So the at the end of the third day I started getting really sick.  I had a nasty stomach bug which I learned later on was a parasite that I caught at one of the local pools here.  Gross.  So I really didn't enjoy that last day of driving to Utah and wasn't able to have as much fun as I wanted to at both family reunions.  Which was kind of sad.  But luckily by the last day or so I was feeling much much better...just in time drive home.  :)

Saturday was the Terry (Ross' dad's side) family reunion.  It was a lot of fun.  Halfway through though, a huge microburst and rainstorm came through.  And after an hour of solid rain the sun came out and a clear blue sky graced the party.  It ended on a very good note.

The next day we drove up to Idaho where the Groom (Ross's mom's side).  We spent the next few days in a beautiful cabin in Island Park, ID.  The highlights of those few days were floating down the Snake River, and breaking a pinata, and capture the flag.  And of course, lots of good food, and lots of good company.

This first picture is so hilarious to me.  Actually it's blurry cause I was laughing so hard when I took it. Ross didn't want to buy a real tube, so he used this one in the basement of the cabin and blew it up.  Of course it was leaking air before he even got in to the icy cold river.  He was sitting in the water the whole time, until he bummed a ride on my tube. But he saved $7! He'll say that's not exactly how it happened.  But if you know Ross Terry, you know that's exactly what happened. ;)  It's okay though, I sure love him anyway.  The few photos of the river were taken with my point and 
shoot and with the waterproof camera case.  FYI.  

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