Monday, November 21, 2011

5th annual hilltop excursion

The wind was not our friend this time around.  Holy Cow. We were pretty limited on options for going though, since we hadn't been to Manhattan as a family in a looong time. And we were only there for the day.  I was totally not feeling up to going.  But as always, I'm glad we made the effort.  Maybe someday I'll plan better and actually use some props or something.  For now, just glad we got what we did.

Thanks Dad, for taking these for us!

Previous excursions pictured hereherehere, and here


Carrie said...

I think this is a great tradition! It's fun to see how your family changes from year to year.

Shannon said...

This is a fun tradition. I like Celeste's of doing family shots every 6 months at conference. We need to do something like this in my family!

Jenna said...

I love that you have an annual hilltop excursion!! So fun. Very cute pictures.

Katie Curtis said...

So great!