Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday Fun

Last Friday we had a day without Eric, so I thought I'd take advantage of having one less kid to wrangle and go to the Nelson Atkin's museum.  I didn't think that Friday would probably mean field trips for school kids!  Shortly after this first picture was taken hords and hords of kids filled the grass and steps for their lunch.  With all those kids around out in the middle of the field in front of a really amazing building, I kept thinking we may as well be in Europe.  It was a gorgeous day.  

We picnicked in front of the museum, then made our rounds at our favorite parts inside, (Ethan loved the Knight in all of his armor) explored the new addition and climbed up a long staircase (where the light is awesome) and then sat down in a shady spot outside and blew bubbles (not pictured).  It was a good day.  One of those days where my kids were on their best behavior and looking cute.  Days when I love being a mom.

 One of the reasons I wanted to go was to take some official "4 yr" pictures of Ethan.  He thinks picture taking is only for crazy goofy smiles.  Or glaring..  No normal smiles from that one.  Oh well.  They capture his personality.

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