Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First time camping!

A few weeks ago we took a little camping trip down at Douglas State Fishing Lake.  The kids had a ball.  We only camped one night-- which was perfect.   

It was our first time using the tent!

We had a delicious meal of hot dogs. 

I bought a little raft at Aldi.. haha. for $15.  It held up just fine, but we kept it short, cause Aldi's not exactly known for its high quality products.  That, and we got stuck on a branch at the beginning and didn't know if that put a hole in it or not.
We decided to go on a walk around the lake.  It was getting late and the sun was setting, I don't know why I didn't grab my camera! I used my phone for these pics.  And Ross was a dear and ran half a mile to get my camera but when he got back the golden light was gone.  Oh well.

Ross is a fire master.  Smore's are sooo good.

We had a decent night.  Leah didn't sleep very well, I think she was cold.  I was a little chilly too, and finally pulled Leah right next to me so we would both be warmer.  

Cereal for breakfast.  Next camping purchase on the list: a stove!

By the morning the kids pretty much looked homeless.

And don't mind me while I post some pictures of rocks dropping into the water.

It was very fun! Next time we'll have to invite some friends join us.


Holly said...

Looks like a great spot! We're always looking for new places to go camping.

Mitzi said...

Pretty pictures! I always like one night camping too.

Elena Davis said...

Love the random rocks dropping into the water pictures. And homeless Leah. Very cute.