Monday, June 30, 2014

Southern Utah Trip: part 3

The next morning before it got hot, we went back to Snow Canyon and went to the Sand Dunes.  The kids loooooved it.  The sand is so soft and cool, and the surroundings were just beautiful.
 Jovee kept eating the sand.  I thought she would probably decide she didn't like it after a while, but despite her face of disgust she continued to try it. She was pretty gross by the end of it.

Later that day my parents and I visited the Brigham Young house, which I don't have any pictures of, while Jovee napped and the kids took it easy at the condo with Ross.

After that we took the kids to a Children's museum which was a lot of fun.  Leah loved dressing up.  My mom took these with her phone.  Thanks Mom!  In the photo below Leah was singing along to a 'Frozen' song on the stage.  She was very hesitant to do it when there were a lot of other kids around, but we kept checking in the room to see if she could do it when it was emptier.  I'm glad she got up the courage to get up there and sing finally!  It was fun to watch.

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