Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Southern Utah: part 5

On Tuesday morning we got up early and made it to Zion's just as it was opening.  Good decision.  It was nice and cool and the kids had lots of energy.

Before starting the day.
Hiking up past the Lower Emerald Pools

Court of the Patriarchs.
 We had a snack break and then hiked the Narrows. I have always loved this hike as well. It was VERY crowded though.  And I would definitely recommend finding a stick for everyone to use.  We were lucky enough to find some along the way.  The kids loved it.  Leah talked my ear off and asked a million questions, about how all the rocks got there, and who bought all these rocks? and why are we going through this way? and Mom this is soooo deep!
 Poor Jovee just has to make do with napping along the way.

We ended the day eating at Oscar's, in Springdale, just outside of Zion. (Really good burgers.) And crashed when we got home. 

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Mitzi said...

I like Zion's a lot. I wish we could go back.