Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 2014

Only a week later, here I am!  

Ethan and I read together most nights before bedtime.  We just finished My Father's Dragon.  Which we loved.  Here he was predicting what he thought would happen next. 
The kids were sitting for family night and Jovee came down and plopped right in between them and laid back. Also pictured: New couch pillows. :)
I've been waiting for this day!  The day that Ethan would be both able and willing to read to Leah.  Sooo nice. Because Leah would choose to be read to all day long if she could.
I finally took the kids to Skyzone, a trampoline jumping place- I've had a groupon to use for a long time.  They had a blast and got really sweaty. :)
Tuesday was also our anniversary. 9 years!  Ross was out of town, and we still haven't celebrated it, but we will! I'm glad to be married to this guy.  He does a lot for me and the kids, and I especially notice it when he is gone for a couple weeks. :)  I got a good one.
I took the kids to Fritz's for a peaceful meal.
We went to my parent's on Wednesday.  Although she looks a bit unsure here, she did love grandpa and grandma a lot.
 We went to City Park, where we tried out a spider web.

 And they have a really great splash pad.  This is the first time I've taken my kids to a splash pad that they've totally embraced and gotten drenched.  Leah would stand under the bucked that tipped onto her head, and Ethan's favorite were the water guns. It was really fun to watch.

Ross got home Friday, and Saturday morning we helped clean the church.  We've started a new family tradition of getting doughnuts after cleaning.  It is a really great tradition.
I just thought she looked cute in this one.


Cameron said...

I love the new pillows. That's so great that Ethan can read to Leah! Dream come true.

Cameron said...

Oops, this is Mitzi, not Cameron.

Elena Davis said...

New pillows looks great! I've always had my eye on that yellow one - love it! That is so sweet that Ethan reads to Leah. And happy anniversary! 9 years?! Woohoo!

emilie s. d. p. said...

I love seeing that wedding picture, you two are such a beautiful couple! Love the pillows & art too!